Naturally, I, Lady Monique, also have a handful of  taboos

  • Blackmail ->Extortion as well as publishing my slave's data
  • No pee or poop
  • I will not involve third parties into my education ( except of course my dominant friend)
  • Animals and children are taboo!
  • Permanent damage
  • Switcher
  • Naughty boys who want to challenge me
  • I'm not ruining anyone financially and I'm not interested in it!
  • Slaves under 21
  • I dislike spitting
  • Prohibited actions
  • Breathing reduction games
  • The ruin of social contacts of the slave
  • Female led relationship-> I am neither looking for a partner nor has a slave space in my bedroom!
  • Sexual acts are taboo !!!

And now go little slave!
Apply today and beg for my attention!

Who knows … if I like your application you may soon lay under my feet!