My perfect slave is not an Adonis, I do not expect perfection and I enjoy building my servants and using them to form my perfect little slave!

My slave could be a fat sack that doesn’t fall on his head, knows what BTC and ETH mean and can be useful!

My former crippled slave, an amusing slave who was unfortunately in a wheelchair due to a muscle disease, also served me very well and massaged my feet several times with his “strong” hand!

My little bottle-collecting bitch has been collecting dog poop piles every day for several years as soon as he leaves his apartment
in France.
He plucks weeds every summer for his landlady just to be able to gift me a nice dress from the profits!
The little bitch was never the brightest. When he started his service with me many years ago, he even faced homelessness due to high levels of debt. This year, thanks to me, he will be debt-free. He again surprisingly proves to be quite useful!

I also enjoy dominating really secretly submissive “everyday alphas”. You will already feel addressed if you belong to this group! Those “men” who must always have the upper hand in their everyday life, those “men” the secretaries literally crawl into their anus and nobody really dares to tell them their opinion! Exactly such “everyday alphas” particularly excite me!
I enjoy the feeling when my slave can fall completely in my arms and surrender fully to me.

Every slave is different and when it fits between mistress and slave it is really wonderfully sparkling!

I bring up slaves regardless of their place of residence, skin color, disability or experience and travel quite regularly around the world myself.

I have to admit that I am still a bloody virgin in the domination of a female slave. However, that wouldn’t scare me off to give it a try.