I really like to dominate slaves together with my very dominant, extremely sadistic and very charming girlfriend!

I have had a long friendship with Mistress Vendetta for around a decade, and together we have had some exciting experience in the BDSM area!
She is a natural-dominant, curvy, strict horse and dog trainer. For years she´s been active in the education of slaves online as well as real with a unique personality!
You have the opportunity to apply to be dominated by the two of us! Don’t waste your chance with a cheap copy and paste text or a ridiculous application !!!
Once you fucked up with us, it is infinitely difficult to be used again by us!

For Mistress Vendetta the only purpose of a slave is to make his mistress happy, they are purely useful objects and are only useful for the pleasure of the mistress!

A true horse riding and torture mistress from the Middle Ages!

Now go! Proof your usefulness!