Certainly you do not know me yet, otherwise you would already serve me!
~ Lady Monique

My fetish involves many facets of control, dominance, and the oh so sweet pain.

I love the beautiful and relaxed things in life, for me there is hardly anything nicer than sitting relaxed in the garden with a glass of wine and a juicy steak watching my slave work (thanks to my 24/7 camera surveillance)!

I love good food! I am an absolute gourmet and I especially like it when my slave is lacking massively just to send me more gifts!

Sometimes I give my slaves gifts for their good service.
Then I like to send used clothes, homemade gifts or just a roll of dog poop bags with which the slave has to rid the sidewalks of his city from dog piles in the coming weeks!
I also like to reward a well-behaved slave with unusual sessions and spontaneous video calls.

Perfectly cared for feet and hands are extremely important to me, and I like to wear pretty sandals, boots or flip flops.

If you are a shoemaker and can make sandals or boots by hand with fine leather, you will quickly become my favorite!

Life as my pet is more than worth striving for!

Petplay gehört ein wenig zu meiner privaten Freizeitgestaltung und ich nehme Nachts gerne mal einen Sklaven mit auf einen Spaziergang über die Felder! Natürlich nackt, auf Knien und bei Fuss! 

I am a very curvy Lady, you should be aware of this before you apply!
However, that doesn’t mean that I’m not very well-formed.
I am an extremely attractive and nature-dominant lady, but I am not slim.

It is in my blood to play games.

To make my fetish a little more exciting, I even developed and perfected my own little dice game with my slave for my slaves!

It is wonderfully exciting, incredibly amusing and devilishly beautiful!

So be a good slave, prove yourself and maybe I’ll play a round with you soon!

I’m also currently saving on a new, better gaming computer, a drone with a 4k camera and new set of wheels.
Apart from that, I love gadgets and, in addition to various SLR cameras, I also have small helicopters and a huge suitcase full of special “toys” (of 18+, of course)!
And now go little slave! Apply and prove yourself!
And who knows, maybe you will get my attention and will soon be at my feet!
Maybe I’m just laughing at you miserable worm …
In any case, you will not get any guarantees from me! Hahahahaha I already notice how your little useless pecker twitches now that you have learned so much about me!
You can hardly wait to serve me and you are already sweating at the thought of how you should best formulate your email so that I give it meaning! Who knows … I won’t make it easy for you!

I love the freedom that money gives me, the opportunity to live my life and live as I wish is divine! I absolutely adore cryptocurrencies!